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Marlig Fix a leak is a blended concentrated material designed to seal leaks in virtually any material it can be applied for leak in the shell and works equally well in the plumbing. It will seal holes 1/8" in diameter and will form a permanent seal. You may add 1 quart per application if the leak has slowed but not stopped completely. ( 1ltr Fix-a-Leak Per 83,000 ltrs or 18,500 gal pool water)

Suction Leaks are usually known by air mixed with the water at the return fittings. In most cases suction lines only leak water when the filter pump is shut off. Normal Circulation will simply draw FIX A LEAK away from the leak and if the pump is shut off the material will simply not get to the leak. You must reverse the flow of water, to force the material through the leak under pressure. Preferably 5-10 psi, till the leak has stopped. When this has been achieved, gradually increase pressure to 15-25 psi, to insure the proper seal.
After sealing a suction line leak it is a must to leave suction off the repaired line for no less than 48 hrs. FIX A LEAK requires time to cure and harden.

If you suspect a leak around fittings inside the pool (such as return fittings) lights, skimmer(s) or steps etc.Shut down the pump. Apply Fix A Leak directly to the leak using a squeeze bottle similar to a ketchup bottle. Allow a minimum of 48hrs to cure before starting up circulation.

Shake Well Before Using

Bypass FILTER MEDIA before adding FIX A Leak to water.
Sand Filters: Set filter valve to re-circulate.
Other Types: Remove cartridge DE elements from filter tank, then proceed to Circulate through the empty tank.
With pump running add FIX A LEAK slowly through skimmer or in front of any other suction intake.
After adding FIX A LEAK adjust suction to main drain. If this is not possible, the vacuum cleaner could be used alternatively, simply by placing the vacuum in the deepest part of the pool and connect to the normal vacuum connection. Set the filter valve to the normal vacuum position.